Analyzing the Anna Van Helsing Slot

Fans of the undead will likely be familiar with Universal Pictures’ portrayal of monster hunter Van Helsing, played by Australian tough guy Hugh Jackman. The film was inspired by Bram Stoker’s Dracula’s quirky character, the Dutch physician Abraham Van Helsing. Van Helsing, a vampire hunter, led the charge in the book’s frightening crypt scene against Count Dracula and his other followers, including the recently undead Lucy Westenra.

Perhaps less well-known is the fact that the Dutch polymath had a relative called Anna. This Rabcat-created slot features the titular monster hunter, Anna Van Helsing. The game’s 5-reel, 25-payline grid is set in a cemetery, which makes sense if you’re trying to track down monsters. It’s impossible to write about this topic without drawing parallels to Immortal Romance, the undisputed masterwork of the subgenre. There are several resemblances to the Microgaming classic in this game, including full-reel wilds, gray royal symbols, and a familiar vibe. However, Anna Van Helsing’s doesn’t creep as effectively, and instead relies heavily on a mildly eerie score to set the mood.

Silver bullets and stakes ranging from 25 percent to £/€150 may be loaded into mobile and desktop devices alike. The game’s mathematical model is far more mild than the monsters it depicts. The game’s edge is moderately mitigated by the medium volatility rating. The poor potential in comparison to rivals is the final straw for dedicated gamers. Other statistics, such as a return to player percentage of 96.18% and a hit frequency of nearly one win per three spins (32.84%), will be far more broadly recognized.

Thematic symbols abound, and their cartoonish appearance rather than their genuine appearance mitigates any potential terror. Metallic royals J through A make up the first 4, while mirrors, hearts, perfume bottles, and a book make up the middle four. A gilded wolf’s head and a nailed hand extending from a coffin serve as the table’s two big payouts. For a full house of these latter two, you may expect to win between 15 and 18 times your initial wager. Combinations including wild symbols, which may double payouts by up to 30 times the initial wager, are very lucrative.

Slot Features of Anna Van Helsing, Monster Hunter

Anna Van Helsing has a number of bonuses with impressive names, most of them include expanding wilds in one form or another and are accompanied with a triggered set of free spins.

The Wolf Howls bonus round is activated first when the Van Helsing Wild appears on reels 1, 2, or 3. When the Van Helsing Wild fills an entire reel, the bonus spin counter resets to 1. Wolf Wilds are more likely to occur during the extra spin while Van Helsing Wilds that triggered the feature stay in place. The Wolf Attack bonus round feature might randomly activate during Bonus Spins. When this occurs, all wolf wilds grow to fill their respective reels.

If you see three blood moons anywhere on the screen, you’ll activate eight free games. During the bonus round, all prizes are doubled. If the Dracula Wild appears on reel 3 during the bonus round, the feature known as Dracula’s Banishment is activated. Dracula Wild, as you would have predicted, fills an entire reel and then changes into Van Helsing Wild. Also, any book, coffin, wolf head, or wolf wild symbols will be transformed into Van Helsing wilds thanks to Dracula’s Banishment.

The Monster Hunter, Anna Van Helsing: A Slot Machine Decision

Young monster hunters who are less interested in hard data and complex mathematical models and more in narrative, backstory, or dismal surroundings may like Anna Van Helsing. Rabcat is skilled at painting beautiful pictures, and Anna Van Helsing is attractive, but it doesn’t delve as deeply into the topic as some other works have. But even conceptually, Anna Van Helsing seems mild, as if Rabcat isn’t too keen in venturing too far into the fringes of propriety.

In any case, it makes for gameplay that lacks any excitement. Most of the time in the main game, you won’t win anything, but every once in a while, Van Helsing Wilds will appear and provide you with a payout in the 20x range. The intensity was raised significantly by the free spins, but after witnessing its capabilities firsthand, we weren’t exactly clamoring to return for more monster slaughter. If you’re anything like The Count at the end of each free spins round, you’ll be face-palming after a string of bad bonus game victories.

There’s no guarantee that nice things won’t happen in Anna Van Helsing, but if they don’t, you could start wishing you’d loaded a game with a similar concept, like Nolimit City’s Book of Shadows or the aforementioned Immortal Romance. Perhaps Anna Van Helsing would have been saved by a massive jackpot, but again, little numbers appear. The maximum payout is €225,000, which is fine in theory but only amounts to a mediocre 1,500 times the cost when betting the maximum.

Anna Van Helsing may be a good game for individuals who like a little bit of the evil side, but not too much. Players looking for a slot that will get their blood pumping or raise a few hairs on the back of their neck will be disappointed with Anna Van Helsing Monster Huntress because of how light it is in nearly every category.

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