Cell Phone Casino VS Desktop Casino

On Xoslot a mobile, you only see the main features of the game. All background images and unnecessary graphics are deleted from the game. You only see the main features of the games. Within one tap you can spin the reels. Games are optimized for small screens. The average iPhone or Android phone has a 7″ screen. It is impossible to show the entire site on the mobile screen. That’s why you only see the game on the screen. On a desktop, you also see the casino in the background.

Mobile casinos focus on the important things. That’s why you only see the game and the main game functions. In the menu you can set your bet amount, autoplay settings or even switch the game to left hand mode. Use the swipe function to scroll through the paytables and game rules.

Not only do games look different on a cell phone. Casinos also change their lobby in their mobile version. They change so that everything can fit on the screen. They also hide the menu in a corner because you usually don’t need to use the menu. On the main screen you can find the games you like to play. On desktop, there are more games available at the moment. But that’s changing because all new games have a desktop and mobile version. Game providers are also redesigning their old games to release them on mobile casinos.

You can take your cell phone anywhere, you can’t do it with a computer or laptop. A mobile phone makes betting much easier, you can also play short-term matches. You can play in small sessions while traveling or when you’re waiting for your doctor or dentist.

Why People Prefer to Play Online Casino Games on a Mobile (Summary)
The device is in the palm of your hand
Play whenever and wherever you want
Excellent games and special features for mobile phones
Special bonuses while playing on mobile
Perfect for short gaming sessions
Left hand mode available
Every week new games available on mobile phones
You just need a 3G or faster internet connection
Play with friends or family
People take their cell phones everywhere
Do you want to try it? This is how you play casino games on a mobile
Are you ready to try thousands of different online casino games on your mobile? Great, because it’s so easy to play online casino games on a mobile phone. There are some requirements. Before you start, you need to have at least:

A cell phone with an internet browser
An internet connection
A data package and cellular subscription
A credit card or bank account

When you have all of these, you are ready to start playing. Follow the steps below and within a few minutes you will be playing your first online casino games on your mobile.

Choose a reliable online casino on your mobile (choose one of the casinos on our website)
Click on the casino button and we open the casino for you
Fill in the application form (create a free account)
check your account
Login to your account
Click on the deposit button
Choose a deposit method and its amount
Transfer your money
Open a game you like to play
start playing
Apple Watch games are coming soon
In 2018, Apple released its watch. This watch is connected to your iPad or iPhone and with the Apple Watch apps you can check your messages, the latest news and your email on your watch. Some game providers are developing the first games that will be adapted for Apple watches and other smart watches. In 2019, the first casino games will be released. This will give you the opportunity to play slot machines on your watch.

Isn’t that fun? Yes! That’s fun. It is also another step forward in the mobile casino revolution.

Play safely and reliably
You don’t want any viruses or malware on your mobile. That’s why you need to choose a reliable mobile casino. You can choose to install a casino app or simply choose wisely a safe and reliable casino for your mobile.

Online casinos must have an SSL connection. SSL secures players login and their financial details. The casino must have a valid SSL certificate. When a casino has an eCogra logo, you can be sure that the games available are safe and reliable. eCogra tests all casino games, it also tests the security of online casinos.

Frequently asked questions related to online casino games on a mobile
Is it safe to play online casino games on a mobile phone?

When you play at a reputable online casino, it’s safe. Choose a casino on our site and we can guarantee you a safe experience

Can I play online casino games for real money on my mobile?

Yes, you can play for real money at mobile casinos. All the casinos you find on our site offer you the opportunity to play for real money on your mobile.

How many games can I play on my phone?

There are thousands of games available at mobile casinos. When you start playing at Videoslots.com, you can play over 3,000 different casino games. Videoslots is the biggest mobile casino.

Can I transfer money to my casino account on my mobile?

Yes, you can transfer money with your cell phone. You can choose a few different payment options on your mobile.

Is it possible to withdraw money using my cell phone?

Sure! When you manage to win money at a mobile casino, you can withdraw these winnings to your bank account or E-Wallet.

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