A Wild Coaster few years ago, online casinos started to appear on the Internet. It was a huge revolution as this technique made it possible for you to play online casino games for real money sitting in the comfort of your own home. You can play roulette, blackjack or slot machines on your PC. A lot of people took this chance and opened an account at one of the available online casino sites. Things have changed a lot in the last few years as online casinos have innovated many things on their websites. Now you can win millions of euros in progressive jackpot slots using your mobile or tablet. Millions of people are playing online casino games on their mobile.

How long will it be before you can play slots or roulette on your Apple Watch or other smartwatch?

On this page, we take a closer look at why people play online casino games on their mobile.

Online casinos are innovating their software and websites
Prior to 2016 all online casinos only had one site with casino games. You could only play real money casino games on a PC or Mac. Players were used to this as they had been able to play real casino games on their computers since 2000. But in 2015 a huge mobile revolution began. The first online casinos updated their software and websites. They decided to make their website available for mobile devices as well. The amount of people with a smartphone increased dramatically in 2015. Online casino and gaming providers innovated their games and software and made them perfect for mobile devices.

At the beginning of the mobile casino revolution, you could play a select number of casino games. Not all games have received an upgrade. But the game providers decided to increase the release of new games. Now all new games have a desktop and mobile version. Cell phones now have more power than old laptops. You now have the power in the palm of your hand. It makes sense that people would use a cell phone or their tablet to play casino games. You can play casino games on the go. You just need a cell phone with an internet connection.

60% of all Internet access is via cell phones. As I write this blog, 70% of all online casino games are being played on a mobile device. It’s great that online casinos have already responded to this call.

First multi-million jackpot on a mobile
In August 2015, a VideoSlots Casino player won an impressive multi-million jackpot. He won €3.8 million while playing Mega Fortune. Mega Fortune is a progressive jackpot slot machine. This player from Sweden played R$4.00 per round. It came as no surprise that the player won a multi-million jackpot as it happens every few months. But it was great news that this jackpot was won on a cell phone. This Swede was actually sitting on the toilet while winning that millionaire jackpot.

This was the first multi-million jackpot to be won on a cell phone. It was the beginning of a trend, more and more players started playing online slot machines on their mobile. More players start winning jackpots on their phones. Now, in 2019, almost every quarter there is a player who wins a multi-million jackpot on a mobile phone.

Online gambling companies and game providers are reporting record profits after introducing their mobile casino . Mobile betting was by far the biggest revolution for companies related to online gambling.

Favorite desktop games now available on mobile devices
Playing real money casino games on a cell phone sounds weird. Usually, you go to a land based casino when you want to play casino games. Now you can play online casino games wherever you want. It only takes a few seconds before you’re ready to start playing. Open a free account at one of the best online casinos and transfer some money to your casino account. A few years ago, you didn’t think you would play casino games on your cell phone. Now over 70% of all casino players use a cell phone. You can now win real money at casinos while still lying in bed, sitting on the beach, or anywhere that has an internet connection.

Game developers take their jobs very seriously. They want to give you the best experience. They understand that you have favorite games. Developers adapt your favorite casino games and use HTML5 or Flash to optimize them for your smartphone. You can still play the games you played in land-based casinos or on your computer. Now you can play them on your mobile. You still get the same great graphics, but the game is only designed for smaller mobile screens.

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